Personalized Medicine

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Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine in McKinney - Dr. Dar Smart Health

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Personalized Medicine

  • Nutritional analysis and optimization
  • Genomic testing and counseling
  • Hormone testing and replacement

Weight Management

This includes a comprehensive diet and exercise plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Food allergy testing and counseling

Nutrigen visits:

This line of service includes optimization of health and well being trough integration of nutritional and genomic analysis. Personalized consultation services are provided accordingly.


What Insurance do you Accept?

United HealthcareYesYes
Aetna PPO/MedicareYesYes
Coventry First HealthYesYes
Humana/ChoiceCare/Medicare AdvantageYesYes
Private Healthcare SystemsYesYes
USA Health NetworkYesYes
SWHR Cigna ACOYesYes
SWHR Humana MA ACOYesYes
HealthSC OPE (DARTYesYes
SWHR Aetna ACOYesYes
Quick TripYesYes

What is the best way to get medications refills?

If your medicine was never prescribed by our practice before, you will need a visit to evaluate the need for a refill. If the medicine was prescribed by our practice, it is best to call the pharmacy for refills.

What should I do if I need paper work to be filled out?

Simple paperwork such as work/school excuse, return to work/school can be collected from the front desk. Paperwork, which involves face to face evaluation such as FMLA, prescription of medical equipment, treatment related paperwork etc. requires a clinic visit.

Are screening services offered?

Yes. All screening services such as mammogram, cervical cancer screens, colon cancer screens, lung cancer screens, routine health screens and many others are offered through primary care services.

Is advanced level testing offered?

Primary care services offer comprehensive nutritional and genetic testing for interested patients. This involves scheduling a Nutrigen visit which includes personalized consultation based upon individual needs.

Who should I call for general primary care related questions during business hours?

Please call 469-215-2410 or 469-224-0658 during routine business hours.

Is personalized medicine based visit or Nutrigen visit expensive?

There is no additional office visit charge to this service. However, some of the advanced testing may not entirely be covered by insurance. Your health care team will try to get most tests approved but you need to pay some additional cost only if you agree to do the tests. Whether or not you undergo advance testing, we commit to continue to provide personalized medicine based care to you.

What is a Nutrigen Visit?

A typical Nutrigen Visit is a follow up visit to the initial evaluation and is offered if you chose any advance level testing such as

  1. Genetic testing
  2. Nutritional testing
  3. Hormone testing
  4. Food and environmental allergy testing
  5. Environmental and bio-toxin testing

During this visit, an individualized care plan is discussed and appropriate treatment is provided to meet your goals and optimize your health. Because these treatment plans can be quite complex, Dr. Dar will provide her personal contact information in the form of text messaging and email address so that ongoing monitoring and care can be provided. Please discuss details at your visit.

How is Nutrigen visit scheduled?

See graphic below:

I feel healthy and other than taking care of a few chronic medical conditions, do not feel a need to undergo advance testing. Why should I schedule seek personalized care?

You certainly may choose to continue with basic care. We will continue to provide services based upon your preferences. If and whenever you feel like taking the next step in optimizing your health, please feel free to contact us.

Will my insurance cover advanced testing?

Insurance coverage varies for advanced testing. Based upon your carrier, your health needs and chronic conditions, tests may or may not be covered. These tests will be ordered only after your approval and there are no additional office based charges related to these services.

All Services Include:

At Smart Health & Wellness Centers, we focus on early identification. Our expert team of physicians, therapists, care coordinators and specialists work together to make sure our patients experience improved whole-body health.
Whether you are looking for a primary care physician, a mental health provider or both, our collaborative team is here as your partner for life.

Emphasis on evidence based health care:

We focus on patient wellness while also managing acute medical conditions and complete health maintenance through the use of evidence based care.

Focus on measurement-based outcomes:

We monitor our patients’ health and progress using the latest medical technology and consistently measuring patient using longitudinal testing through the course of a patients treatment.

Collaborative care coordination with PCP:

Communication is the key to successful outcomes and patient wellness. Through our team approach and a common patient record our providers can maintain a single treatment plan for a patient and communicate seamlessly.